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How to use OSDI Connector

CallHub's Generic OSDI Connector

OSDI - Open Supporter Data Interface defines an API and data structures to enable true interoperability among products for organizations with progressive values.
CallHub is a technology partner, amongst other industry leaders like Microsoft and Hustle.
With a generic OSDI connector, CallHub can integrate with multiple political CRMs (that support OSDI API interface). Customers/Users of these political CRM can then easily use CallHub for their phone banking needs.

How to Connect with OSDI System

  1. Login to CallHub and browse to the integration. You can also directly browse to
  2. On the OSDI Connector, click on "Connect to OSDI System". This will open a pop up that looks like in the below screenshot:

OSDI API Token and API Entry Point

While connecting to a OSDI System from CallHub, you need these details:

  1. OSDI System Name: This is typically the name of CRM you're connecting to, like Action Network, Hero or any OSDI complaint System.
  2. OSDI API Key: This is the OSDI API Token provided to you by your OSDI System. Request for an OSDI Token if you don't have it already.
  3. OSDI API Entry Point: This is the a REST API Resource exposed by your CRM where all the OSDI resources have been listed out. Some examples are:
    Action Network:
    If you don't have these details, request your CRM or send a support ticket to CallHub at [email protected]

Import Settings

  1. OSDI systems may choose to have Phone or Mobile Numbers in Volunteers/Activists
    profile or they may use "Custom Fields" to store it. How is your OSDI System? You can define these settings here as shown in the below screenshot.

  2. Import settings also gives you the opportunity to define, which phone number can be utilized for which campaign in CallHub. For instance, home number for all people/volunteers will be used for Call Center and Voice Broadcast Campaigns and Mobile numbers will be used for SMS Campaigns. Click on "Import Settings" once connected to OSDI System.

List and Event Imports

  1. Once the import settings are defined, click on 'View and Import Lists..." option to start importing Lists and Events from your OSDI System.

  2. Once imported, the below screen will summarize the number of Lists and Events that got imported. You can also now choose to import a given List and get all the People from it. You can do that by searching for your Lists, selecting one or multiple Lists and then clicking on 'Import Selected' on the left side of your screen.

  3. Imported Lists and People will show up as CallHub Phonebooks and CallHub Contacts respectively.

  1. Imported Events can be used in Call Center Campaigns as Survey Questions. With phone banking, you can collect RSVPs for all the People you speak to.