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How to integrate with Action Network

Connect to Action Network

  1. Login to CallHub from Login. Once logged in, click on Integrations, you'll find it in the menu on the top of your page. You should be able to view the Action Network. You could also browse to Integrations page directly.
  1. Click on 'Connect to Action Network'. You will be prompted for Action Network API Key and the Action Network Group Name like in the screen below. Enter the details and click Connect. Don't know how to get the API Key? look at the next step.
  1. For getting the API Key, login to your Action Network Account, click on 'Start Organizing' and under 'Details' you will see the 'API & Sync' option. Click on 'API & Sync', choose your group and you should be able to see your API Key. If you don't have one, you can click on 'Generate New Key' and generate a new key here. Copy the API key.

  2. Once you click on Connect, you should be connected to Action Network.

Import Reports, Events and Tags from Action Network

  1. Once you are connected to Action Network, you can click on 'Import Settings'. This will take you to the Settings page like in the screenshot below:
  1. In the screenshot above, you see that there are two settings.
  • Custom Fields for Activists - These are Action Network custom fields for a contact. For instance if your activist record contains phone number in the custom field 'Phone' and contains a mobile number in custom field 'Mobile' then you need enter keys of custom fields here

  • How CallHub should target activists for Voice and SMS Campaigns - By default CallHub will use Home Number as the Primary Number for Voice Campaigns and Mobile Number as Primary Number for SMS Campaigns. If your Activist data doesn't contain Phone Number then the Mobile Number could be used for Voice Campaign. Note: Please consider legal obligations in your countries on using mobile numbers for Voice Campaigns. Once you have configured the import settings, click on Save to retain them

  1. You can now click on 'View and Import Reports'. This will fetch all the reports, events and also the tags that you have created from your account . If you're doing this operation for the first time, please wait while the import is complete.
  1. Once import is successful, you will be taken to the reports screen like in the below screenshot. Here you can search for any of your reports. Also if you make any changes to your ActionNetwork account (like created or deleted reports), you can sync your changes with CallHub by clicking on 'Refresh Now'
  1. Select a report of your choice and click on 'Import Selected'. This operation will take a few minutes and you should receive an email to your inbox once the import is complete.
  1. A new Phonebook gets created with the same name as your report and the activists will be added to this phonebook as CallHub contacts.

Bidirectional Action Network Integration with CallHub Campaigns

  1. CallHub integrates with Action Network in a bidirectional way. All the Action Network Activists that are contacted through CallHub's text messages or the Activists that respond CallHub's campaign through a text message can be tagged in Action Network. All activists that have been called through a voice broadcast or call center will also be tagged accordingly in Action Network.

Set tags for Text broadcast campaigns

When you create an SMS Campaign, you can set tags to be added for when the message is sent and a different one for when the contact responds. Choose the appropriate Action Network tags when creating the campaign.

In this example, when an SMS is sent to an Action Network Activist, they are tagged in Action Network as 'myactivists' and when they respond to CallHub's text message, they will be tagged in Action Network as 'tag'.

Set tags for Voice Broadcast campaigns

Set the Action Network tag for an activist contacted through a Voice Broadcasting in the settings of the campaign.

Action Network tag for Voice Broadcast campaigns

Set tags for Call Center campaigns

Similar to voice broadcast campaigns, set the Action Network tag for every activist that is contacted through a call center campaign in CallHub.

Action Network tag for Call Center activity

Add event to Call Center campaign

During call center campaigns, a volunteer can RSVP an activist for an Action Network event. In the call center campaign settings, you can add an imported Action Network event.