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How to setup Voice Broadcast & Call Center Campaign with Dynamic Caller ID

Customers use Dynamic CallerIDs to match the region (state/capital/largest city) of the person called. People recognise the CallerID and are more inclined to pick up. This way CallHub customers increase the number of people who answer the voice broadcast call and they also see a rise in the transfer rate.

Note: This feature is only available in USA, Canada, Australia and Great Britain for now. If you feel Dynamic Caller ID is going to be very useful to you, please send us an email on [email protected] with your request.

Step 1:Configure Voice Broadcast & Call Center Campaign for Dynamic Caller ID

Browse to the all campaigns page and click on 'New Campaign' and select 'Voice Broadcast' to create a new campaign. On the 'Settings' tab, you will notice an option to configure your campaign for Dynamic Caller ID. Assuming this is your first chance of creating a Dynamic Caller ID, select 'Auto Rent CallerIDs' as in the below screenshot

Auto Rent CallerIds for Voice Broadcast

Auto Rent CallerIds for Call Center

Once you finish configuring the campaign, you can observe a Dynamic Caller ID block gets assigned to the Voice Broadcast Campaign

Voice Broadcast

Call Center Campaign

Step 2: Algorithm for Renting Numbers

When you Start the Voice Broadcast campaign, CallHub will analyze all the contacts from your phonebook and rent a unique number from every state.

Renting of Numbers works on the below algorithm:

  • Check if number is available for the state capital, then rent it. Else,
  • Check if number is available for the largest city in the state then rent it. Else,
  • Check if number is available for any city in the state the rent it

All the rented numbers get added to the Dynamic Caller ID block that got created in Step 1. You can look at the Dynamic Caller ID block under the 'Numbers' Page. Refer below screenshot

When you click on 'View Caller IDs' you can see all the Dynamic Caller IDs that got rented based on the numbers in the Phonebook

Note: Rented Caller IDs are charged on a monthly basis

Step 3: Running the Campaign using Caller IDs

Once the Caller IDs are rented, for every call made for the campaign, Dynamic Caller IDs are used as Caller IDs to make calls.
As the number from which call is received is known to the people, you get to see high pick up rates and also an increase in the transfer rates.

Note: If we're not able to rent a number for a specific state, we use the general 'Callerid' field that was configured in Step 1 as the Caller ID to make calls

Step 4: Setting up a Transfer Number

What if people missed your call? In such cases, people call you back on the Dynamic Caller ID. You can set a Transfer Number for your Block of Dynamic Caller IDs so that every incoming call to the Dynamic Caller IDs is forwarded to the transfer number. Refer below screenshot

Same for Voice Broadcast and Call Center Campaign

Step 5: Reusing Dynamic Caller ID Block

Once you have created a Dynamic Caller ID block, you can reuse it for the other campaigns. While creating the campaign, just say 'Use Existing Block' and you can reuse the block for your new campaigns. This way you need not have to rent numbers again

Voice Broadcast

Call Center Campaign

That's it folks! Hope this HowTo was useful to you. If you have any feedback, do send us a note.