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How to enable and use a preview dialer

A preview dialer is an independent tool available to agents in their call center console. The dialer lets agents search through your contact list and call any contact. The calls do not need to be scheduled to call them. Features available:

  • Swap a contact with someone else from their household.
  • View entire contact history including calls that were made through a campaign. The agent sees all calls made to this contact and by which agent.
  • View all the notes associated with calls to this contact.

Enable preview dialer

  • Go to the CallHub store and you'll find the preview dialer listed there.
    Link to preview dialer
  • Click on subscribe to enable the dialer for your account.

Go to the dialer

Once the dialer is enabled, it is available to every agent on their agent console.

Dialer on agent console

How to use the preview dialer

Search for a contact

You can use the search box to search for any contact by name or phone number. Once selected you can view their personal and contact information.

Search for a contact in the preview dialer

Call the contact

You can call the contacts phone number or even mobile number if it exists. Click on the phone icon or mobile icon to dial.

Actions available

While on the call, you can hold, mute, record and hang up the call.

Preview Dialer tools

View calling history and notes

Once you call the contact, you can see all the notes and calling history associated with this contact.

View calling history and contact notes

Save notes

Save any notes you have in the notes text box. These will be visible to the next person that calls this contact too. It will also be visible in the call center campaign.