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How to collect data for your integration via SMS SignUp Campaign

CallHub gives you facility for collecting contacts at events or rallies using SMS Sign Up Campaigns.
While contacts are created in CallHub, you can also add them to your CRM through CallHub integrations.
Below are the fields required for creating contacts in your CRM.

  • For NationBuilder at least first name and last name, an email address, or a phone number is required.
  • For Action Network email is required for creating a contact.
  • For BSD first_name and last_name is required for creating a contact.
  • For Salesforce last_name is required for creating a contact.

While creating your SMS Sign Up campaigns, make sure your prompts are ordered to collect the required fields first. For instance, if you’re using CallHub’s Action Network integration,
your first prompt should ask for contact’s email address.

Also, when data is collected for other prompts, the newly created contact in CallHub and your CRM is updated.