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How To - Contacts

Add a single contact with ‘Quick Add’

This section tells you how to add a single contact to the phonebook.

  • Step3: Add the ‘First name’, ‘Last name’, ‘Contact Number’, ‘Mobile Number’ and other details of the contact. If adding an international number, begin with + and country code.
    A number is considered International number if it is from a different country then the one setup in the account. For example, if the country setup in the account is US and if a France number is added, it is considered as international number.

  • Step4: Select a phonebook from the drop down, to which the contact should be added.

  • Step4: Click on ‘Add’. The new contact is now added to the phonebook.

Import contacts in Bulk

In this section we show you how to bulk import contacts into CallHub. Below are the steps to follow.

  • Step1: Create a CSV file of your contacts in any format. Below is one example format. The contact and mobile numbers of international contacts should start with + and country code.
#ContactNumber,MobileNumber,LastName,FirstName,email ID,Country Code

#if you want to add only mobile number,put mobileNumber in contactNumber also.
5012325576,5012325576,Land,Thomas Junior,,

#add international number, adding UK number
  • Step2: Click on '+Import Contacts' in the menu bar
  • Step3: Select the Phonebook from drop down to which the contacts should be added.Or choose option 'Create new phonebook' and give the name of the phonebook.

  • Step3: Now upload the created file using the ‘Choose file’. The name of the file should not have any space in it.

  • Step4: Click on ‘Import’. The following screen will appear.
    The CSV file need not be in above rigid format. It can have any number of fields in any order, for example they can be in below order:
        FirstName,LastName,ContactNumber,MobileNumber,email ID,Country Code.
    The columns of the CSV file can now be mapped to appropriate field values. Select appropriate field value for each column from the dropdown box on the top of the column.
    The contact number value is used for Voice campaigns and Call center campaigns, while mobile number is used for Sms campaigns.
  • Step5: Once you click ‘Import file’ following message will be displayed.
  • Step6: The contacts are now added to the selected Phonebook.
    In the email you will get all the information of the number of contacts imported, duplicate contacts and invalid contacts.

Create a PhoneBook and Add Contacts

  • Step1: Goto the 'Phonebook' in the sidebar
  • Step2 :Click on '+New Phonebook'
  • Step3 :Enter the name and description for the phonebook.
  • Step4 :Click on Add.
    A new phonebook is created.
  • Step5 : The newly created phonebook has no contacts. To add Contacts click on 'Import Contacts'
  • Step6 : You will be taken to contacts import page. Click here to check how to import contacts

Export contacts data

  • Step1: Goto 'Phonebook' in the sidebar.
  • Step2: Select the phonebook whose contact you want to export.
  • Step3: Goto the 'Contacts' tab.
  • Step4: The option 'Export Phone numbers' will help you to export all the contact number from the Phonebook to a CSV file. This option will export only the 'Contact Number' of the contacts. To export all the data of the contacts in the phonebooks into a CSV file, click on option 'Export Phonebook'.

Delete contacts from phonebook

In this section we show how to delete contacts from phonebook.

  • Step1: Goto 'Phonebooks' in the sidebar.
  • Step2: Click on 'Delete Contacts' in the menu shown.
  • Step3: Upload a CSV file containing list of contactNumber to be removed. Upload the file in below format. Note that + and country code are not required in the contact number.
  • Step4: Select the country for the contacts. All the contacts to be deleted must belong to same country
  • Step5: Click on ‘Remove Contacts’.