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How to analyze phonebooks

  1. Login to your CallHub account and click on Phonebooks, on the menu in the left panel. You will be taken to the Phonebooks in your account.

  2. Select a phonebook or multiple phonebooks that you'd like analyzed and click on dropdown icon next to Action. Select 'Analyze Phonebooks'

  1. Once you click on Analyze Phonebooks, you will be presented with a pop-up window that tells you the amount it will cost you to analyze the selected phonebooks.
  2. You can choose to analyze only the contact numbers or only the mobile numbers or both the contact and mobile numbers in your phonebook. Note: the charge changes based on the option you choose.
  3. Make sure you enter the right email address to where the results of analysis should be sent.
  1. Once you click on Analyze, CallHub will analyze your contacts and send you an email report. The email report will tell you the number of contacts and phone numbers analyzed and give you a list of invalid mobile and contact numbers
  1. The report is also available on CallHub. From the Phonebook page, click on the phonebook you analyzed and click on Results to view the reports.
  1. You can now take Actions on the reports. You can either remove all invalid mobile or invalid phone numbers from the phonebook. You can also export the analysis in a csv file.