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How to add Custom fields in CallHub.

Custom fields are the new fields which can be defined by the user to add additional data to your Contact in addition to the regular fields provided. You can define your custom fields in CallHub here

Add new custom field

  • To add a new custom field, goto the Settings page of your account and click on the tab 'Contact Custom field'
  • Click on the 'Add Custom Field' button to add a new custom field. Define the field name and field type and click on 'Add'.
  • Your new field is now add. To edit the field click on the 'Edit' icon in the table. Note, that only the field name is editable. You can delete the field by selecting the field from the table and click on 'Delete Selected' in the 'Action' dropdown in the table.

Add data to custom field in Contact

  • You can add data to the custom fields while importing the contacts csv file or while creating/editing a contact through contact page. To add data to custom fields while importing through csv file, map the contact field to the file column in the csv mapper page.

Use custom field as tags in Voice Broadcasting and SMS Broadcasting

You can use defined custom fields as tags in the Voice and SMS Broadcasting scripts.

Display/Edit custom fields in Call Center campaigns from the Agent account.

  • The defined custom fields can be displayed/editable for the Agent in the Call center campaigns.
  • Define the 'Privacy settings' for the custom field in the Privacy settings page here
  • Depending on the settings, the field will be displayed/editable for the agent.
  • The custom fields are also available in the call center result exports.