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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a number that I rented not present during SMS campaign creation?

If a phone number that is rented is not listed, then there is a running campaign using that number. To re-use the number, stop the campaign using it. There can be only one running campaign using a rented phone number because the software uses it to assign incoming SMS messages to the right campaign.

Can I use my phone number as Caller ID for text messages?

Within US and Canada, you cannot use your phone number as Caller ID for text messages. You'll have to rent a number from us.

Outside US and Canada, you can use any validated phone number as the caller ID. When you use a validated number as a caller ID, all replies will come back to that number.

You will need to rent a number only when want replies to come back into your account. When replies come back into your account, the software can do additional things like,

  • Measure campaign effectiveness by automatic classification of messages
  • Send automatic responses based on keywords in the replies
  • Handle opt out responses by removing the contact from future SMS campaigns

Why is my sms campaign not working? Things to check.

Following should be checked when a sms campaign is not working:

  1. Check if the campaign is in ‘Start’ state.
  2. Check if the contacts of the phonebook added to the campaign have ‘mobile numbers’. Sms campaign use Mobile_number field of contacts to send sms.
  3. Check that the Start date and End date of the campaign are valid. I.e. they are not in past or future.
  4. Check that the ‘Weekdays’ selected for campaign are valid.

New survey created in NationBuilder does not show up in CallHub. Why?

A NationBuilder survey must be attached to a NationBuilder page to be imported. The page can be unlisted. This is a little quirk of the NationBuilder API. Here is how to import your newly created survey:

  • Login to NationBuilder admin console
  • Go to Website and create a new page
  • Assign the survey to that page
  • Go back to the NationBuilder import in CallHub
  • Click on "Refresh Now" button

Can the agent send call details to using their NationBuilder Credentials?

Yes. When an agent connects with their NationBuilder account, all calls from that agent will be stored as being contacted from that NationBuilder user, instead of the NationBuilder Admin.

The agent can connect to their NationBuilder accounts by following these steps.

  1. Login to CallHub Agent console
  2. Click on "Apps"
  3. Connect with the NationBuilder credentials

Browser based calls do not work in my office. Why?

If you're not able to get your browser calls up and running, please follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: Run CallHub Browser Check on your Chrome Browser from here:
  • Step 2: If you have a firewall setup to filter traffic, then we recommend you to whitelist the following IPs in order to avoid any traffic blocking
  • Step3: Configure your firewall to accept those IP ranges for the following Transports/Protocols:
    • HTTP/HTTPS transports: allow traffic from these source IP ranges to access your HTTP (TCP port 80) and/or HTTPS (TCP port 443) web applications
    • SIP transport: allow traffic from these source IP ranges and source ports UDP 5060, TCP 5060, UDP 5080, TCP 5080, UDP 5061, TCP 5061, UDP 5063, TCP 5063
    • RTP transport: allow traffic from these source IP ranges to UDP port range 16384 to 32768

For some people, answering machine message gets truncated. Why?

After a call is answered, CallHub listens for 5 seconds to determine if a human or a machine picked up. If a machine is detected, then it waits for 2 seconds of silence. 2 seconds is silence indicates that the initial greeting in the answering machine is complete and the machine is waiting for the messages. CallHub will then play the audio file into the answering machine.

Answering machine detection is not accurate 100% of the time. It is accurate at about 60-70%. The failure rates are higher on answering machines with a initial greeting message less than 5 seconds long. The failure rates are also higher for cell phones because the voicemail on a cell phone is handled by the telecom carrier.

Voice broadcasting is better suited for calls that are optimized for a person answering the phone.

Call dispositions in CallHub

This section describes all the Call Dispositions in CallHub.



User answered the call.


It is invalid number. This number is added to CallHub’s Do not call list.


Do not call number.This number is added to CallHub’s Do not call list.


Call was answered by answering machine.


Call went through, but nobody answered the call.


Agent cancelled the call.


Contact number was busy.


Call Failed because the network was congested/too full.


Call Failed


Call failed, maybe because of incorrect number.


Call Failed because of network problem


Call went through but was not received


Machine picked up the call and a message was left.

Where to find the details of the calls made in my campaigns?

  1. For Voice campaign:

  2. For Call Center campaign:

    • The details of all the calls and ‘Notes’ taken during campaign can be found ‘Result’ Tab of the campaign.
    • Complete details of all the calls can also be found at
  3. For SMS campaign:

What time zone is used for the Start and Stop times for campaigns?

In scheduling the campaign the timezone considered for the ‘Daily Start Time’ and ‘Daily Stop Time’ depends on the timezone of the account. By default your timezone is set to the timezone of your location. You can checkout your account timezone here

What are Celebrity recordings?

Celebrity recordings are used when you need to ask someone to record a voice message for you. This is how it works:

  • You generate a PIN in CallHub and provide the phone number and PIN to the person who will record message for you.
  • Person dials into this phone number, provides the PIN and records the message.
  • Once the message is recorded, on Celebrity recordings page you get a chance to Approve/Reject the recorded message
  • If approved you'd see it in Audio Files and you could use the Audio File in VB or CallCenter campaigns

How does call center pricing work?

Our call center costs are only as per usage. We do not charge for agent seats. Each call made by an agent to a contact is treated as two calls, one from CallHub to the agent and the other from CallHub to the contact.

The price for CallHub to call contacts can vary depending on the prefix of the phone number being called. All prices with prefixes are listed here. See international pricing for calling countries outside your country.

There are 4 modes in which an agent can join a campaign. The prices vary depending on the mode. For the agent leg of the call, this is the pricing split by mode of calling:

Browser calls: USD 0.007 per 30 sec call duration
Dial in calls: The inbound call price in the pricing page will apply.
CallHub calls agents: The outbound call price in the pricing page will apply
SIP phone: USD 0.008 per 30 sec call duration

Your total pricing would be the cost of the agent calling plus the cost of CallHub calling the contact.

How much is the charge for the transfer in voice broadcasts?

Transferred calls in voice broadcasts are billed at the same rate as the regular calls. They are billed in 30 second increments too. When you receive a call transfer, there are two calls in progress. One is the original call to the contact and the other is the call to the transferred phone number. Both these call legs will be charged.

Is there a cost for text messages that are not delivered?

Yes. Telecom carriers charge us for every text message that is sent to them irrespective of whether it is delivered or not.

How are rented phone numbers charged?

The rents for the phone number is deducted from the credits in your account every month. If your account does not have enough credits for the rent, the phone number will be automatically removed from the account.

Are there any monthly minimum or other fees?

There is no monthly fee to send calls and text messages using CallHub. Individual campaign analytics and agent calling data is available along with the phone banking campaigns. CallHub has a paid addon that gives you a volunteer leaderboard for your phone banking campaigns and overall analytics like your total reach, total conversations etc.. This addon has a monthly fee.

There is no cost for using any of our integrations. We also release new features on CallHub every month. If you sign-up for the beta programs, these features will be available to you for free as well.

Do I have to pay for busy or invalid numbers?

There is no charge for calls that do not connect, busy, not answered or invalid numbers. The charge only applies if a human or an answering machine answers the phone.

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. We also accept wire transfer as a form of payments. If you want to use wire transfer, please contact us at to setup your account.