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Create a patch-through call campaign

Patch-through call campaigns are call center campaigns where agents can patch-through contacts to a third number. After the call is done, the agent can patch the same contact through to another number. Patch-through campaigns on CallHub are a part of the call center campaign. Here are the steps to creating one.

Add transfer numbers

The first step to patch-through calls is to create your list of transfer numbers. These are the list of numbers you would like volunteers to patch supporters to during calls.
How to add transfer numbers

Create call center campaign

Create a call center campaign in CallHub. Plan your campaigns so that they are organised by transfer numbers. Managers generally run a campaign by locality or area. Contacts belonging to that area are added to the phonebook and representatives of that area are added as the transfer / patch-through numbers.

Add numbers to be patched through to

In the settings, enable attended transfer. Search and add the chosen transfer numbers.
How to add patch-through numbers to a call center campaign

Patch-through calls during campaign

Start your campaign and during the call, agents can click on Transfer to select the number to patch-through to.

Patch-through calls on agent console

Patch-through to another number

During the call, by default the agent is muted. After the contact is done talking to the representative, the agent is unmuted automatically. They can then connect the contact to the next transfer number or choose to hang up the call.